Like pony tails on dogs? The 'eyes' have it.

Like pony tails on dogs?  The 'eyes' have it.
I love pigtais; my husband hates them.

When Izzy was a puppy, there was no problem with her 'head fall,' meaning the hair that naturally falls over her eyes and all eyes of Tibetan Terriers.  I imagine through the process of natural selection, dogs in Tibet needed that kind of protection for their eyes from the wind and sand and extreme temperatures.  For whatever reason, I like the 'natural' look (not the show look) of these dogs and wanted to be able to maintain them in that look to the best of my inexpert ability.  My husband was fine with Dunk's head fall because I never put it up in a knot.  His hair seemed to part naturally and his vision is just fine .... at times, too fine, because he barks at stuff needlessly. Izzy, however, was another story.

Puppy Izzy
No need for pony tails at this age!

 As she grew older, her hair of course grew longer.  We wondered if she had vision problems.  Her favorite toys would be right in front of her and she would nose the ground seeking them instead of pouncing on them and invoking a game of 'chase me.'  Never having had daughters, I was delighted to have a little girl dog whose hair I could play with, so of course, I started experimented with pony tails, and what types of rubber bands would not destroy her hair or hurt her.  The hair accessories section at Walgreens became my favorite hangout as I tried a variety of pony tail bands to see what would work best on Izzy.  She has very fine hair ... almost slippery ... so it was difficult for stretchy bands to stay on.  And of course it didn't help that she was not as thrilled with this addition to her grooming routine as I was, and immediately tried to rub them off after they were in place.  Finally I found the perfect band for her, made by SCUNCI - their "no damage" very thin band - which works perfectly if she allows me to wrap them around her pony tail 5-6 times.  That seems to do the trick, but Izzy still manages to "lose" them every day or so. Back to Walgreens I go, for more.

Messy Girl
Messy little girl, but hair is not yet a problem.

Everywhere we went, people commented on how cute she looks in her pony tails.  Not my husband.  Really?  I believe them, not him.  Would he rather she look like she does in the photo below?  or the photo at the top?

Sans Pigtails

My husband, of course, has begrudgingly caved on the issue, although he's not entirely happy about it.

I guess there's only one happy owner in this household right now.

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