Itchy Dogs? My Shampoo Quest

Itchy Dogs? My Shampoo Quest
These are only about half of the shampoos and conditioners I've tried.

This is almost too embarrassing to write about.  The number of shampoos and conditioners I've purchased over the years to minimize my dogs' 'itchies.'  I've checked them out with the veterinarian who told me that it was neither fleas nor mange and prescribed the product "Epi-Soothe" seen below (it didn't help).  Although there were no hot spots I purchased "Itch Stop" from Drs. Foster and Smith, and even tried 100% Emu Oil, which according to one of my patients appears to cure everything.  All to no avail.  Dog products were taking over my limited closet space and self-space.  And the dogs were still itching.

Diet is not the culprit.  They eat frozen raw.  Nor is lack of omega-3 fatty acids:  I add 2 squirts of "The Original Alaskan Bear Treats Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs" purchased at Pet Supplies Plus in Highland Park along with a tablespoon of raw organic pumpkin for dogs as a source of fiber.

Product 2

Finally, I contacted my breeder to find out if the "itches" were a problem for her Tibetan Terriers as well.  She told me that she had had some issues with itchy dogs and suggested bathing them in Evening Primose Oil (EPO) Shampoo several times a week to calm their skin.  I was clueless as to where to find it, and a number of years ago, the only place to purchase this type of shampoo was from a company in the UK called "Groomers" which had created a shampoo specifically for this purpose.  Luckily I stumbled across a company located in Wisconsin, "Isle of Dogs," which makes a version of the original Groomers' shampoo and has EPO in it.  At my breeder's suggestion, I purchased the 3% Veterinarian Grade and their conditioner, and have been using it ever since, along with their conditioner and detangler.  Make sure you purchase their No. 12 shampoo.  It took a while for the itching to calm down, but now my Tibetan Terriers scratch themselves about the same amount as I would imagine other dogs do.  And that makes me a happy owner.


And the winner is ....

Now all I need to do is to take all my trial versions of shampoos, conditioners, and detanglers to local rescues for their use.


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  • These are good but i always use dermagic dog allergy shampoo to keep my dog neat and clean, it also save my dog from different allergies.

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