Wordless Wednesday: And We Think We Have Problems with Deer?

FRESH(?) OFF EMAIL:  STREET GANGS IN CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA via an anonymous email friend!

It's gangs like these that the people of Calgary have to cope with.  A bit different from the problems in other cities, such as Chicago.
It proves that every city has its own "unique" gang problem. They roam the streets and yards night and day, self-armed, hang out in every neighborhood and there is nothing you can do (legally) to stop them, that is, unless you live in Wisconsin during certain times of the year.



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    WOW, they are so huge and healthy that they don't look real ... Santa must be nearby :)

  • In reply to Lea Hunt:

    I know that they are mammoth .... that's why they haul Santa around. BTW, there's a very funny cartoon circulation around the internet about reindeer discussing eating beans in front of the sleigh! :)

  • Giant LOL, when I got this email as a forward from a friend, I knew I had to post it as it 'tis the season. Can you imagine them grazing in your yard? Makes deer seem reasonable!

  • They look like 1 of the dioramas at my old work place (THE FIELD MUSEUM) GREAT PLACE, aren't they something to see!!

  • In reply to phillipsave51:

    You worked at the Field Museum??? AWESOME place. But I wouldn't want them grazing on my trees if I couldn't shoo them away.

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