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Randhurst Has Been Born Again!

Randhurst Has Been Born Again!
Anyone that’s lived or passed through the Mount Prospect, Wheeling, Arlington Heights area for any length of time has most likely taken a trip to Randhurst, one of the first air conditioned shopping centers. Most remember it (as I do) as a lunch hangout that you had to catch the light at Kensington & Elmhurst... Read more »

Mr. DeWyze Was Here

Lee's favorite karaoke bar in Glenview, they still currently host karaoke on Tuesday nights.
In honor of Lee DeWyze’s hometown show at Arlington Park last night, it would be a perfect time to share some of the places Lee spent his time at during his younger pre-Idol years. It’s funny to think back as I too attended Prospect High School, had basketball camp at Forest View High School, and... Read more »