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Finally All Is Right With The World Again...The NFL Is Back!!!

Finally All Is Right With The World Again...The NFL Is Back!!!
I knew that all these storms were for a good reason…it just was the trials and tribulations that we all had to go through before the NFL players and owners made up and decided to play nice…because someone finally woke up and realized that unless they kissed and played along, none of them were going... Read more »

The "Between Xmas and New Years" Blackout Week...

As the calendar’s happen to fall, there are always five days between Xmas Day and New Years Eve…my question is: why are offices or businesses even open? Being that I’m very lucky to have vacation days to blow before I lose them, I have the entire week off (a total of 11 days off in... Read more »

Call of Duty: Black Ops, 2010's Best Excuse to Call in Sick?

Now some of us are “gamers” and some of us are “GAMERS!#$!”, the difference is easy to tell by their personal priorities in the importance of certain game releases. It’s the line drawn between the ones that call in sick to work when the new Call of Duty game hits the shelves and the ones that... Read more »

"Live Where You Work", "Work Where You Live" or "Option C, Neither"?

My fiance and I are in the beginning stages of the frightening process, buying your first home.  We both have been lucky enough to have parents that haven’t booted us out of their homes the second we finished college and in my case have even welcomed me home after my tour of duty working/living in the... Read more »