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Were You Ready For The Snow? I Sure Wasn't...

Were You Ready For The Snow?  I Sure Wasn't...
We knew it was eventually going to come and even though yesterday’s snow fall wasn’t all that bad in comparison to years past (or last February’s “snowmageddon”), I bet it still caught a few of us off-guard when it came to being prepared. Especially since Wednesday was so nice and warm outside…where did all of... Read more »

Driving In the Snow...Seems Like A New Concept To Most

Driving In the Snow...Seems Like A New Concept To Most
It seems like every year whenever the first flakes of snow hit the ground, it immediately creates this weird brain fart that disables people’s memory and knowledge of how to drive. During my normal twenty-five mile/forty-five minute commute to the office today, even though there wasn’t much snow left on the ground, people still managed to... Read more »

Who Took April 17th & 18th in the Snow Pool? Not This Guy...

Snow in April…weren’t we done with this garbage?  According to various weather reports, the Chicagoland area (mostly the far North and Northwest burbs) are scheduled to get around three inches of the white stuff. With the snow starting to fall around 9pm until Midnight, it looks to make a slushy evening for those out expecting... Read more »

"Sno-torious B.I.G. 2011", Hanging in the Heights Version

Blizzard and shoveling least until more snow falls...
So the blizzard of 2011 was just that: a blizzard that closed down Lake Shore Drive, made CPS close for the first time in twelve years, displaced people at hotels for the night to make it into work the next day or at home without any chance of leaving until the plows came to your... Read more »

Blizzard of 2011...What Will People Remember?

As I can remember the last big blizzard of 1999, I was in high school and really only remember having to walk a few blocks to school. Unlucky for me, I have a bit farther to go to work than back in 1999…around 16 miles one way, but still it’s not as far as some…I... Read more »

Go Away Snow, No One Wants You Here...

Let me preface this blog entry by saying I’m not discriminatory against snow or people that enjoy snow…  But who actually likes or enjoys snow? I’m not sure anyone really does, but a lot of people pull the wool over their own eyes and say that they “don’t mind it” or they “like the change of... Read more »