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Are The Bulls Playoffs Hope Toast?

With Mr. Rose tearing his ACL in Saturday’s game 1 in the playoff series with Philadelphia, I’m sure lots of people are asking themselves and those NBA fans around them the same thing. Losing the reining 2011 NBA MVP for the remainder of the year is a tough order for the Bulls or let alone... Read more »

NBA Lockout...Does Anyone Really Care?

NBA Lockout...Does Anyone Really Care?
Seriously…a sport that plays second fiddle to football in almost every major market that no one has seemed to care that it’s been locked out for over a hundred days and canceled portions of its season. In Chicago I know the Bulls are pretty popular, especially with D-Rose being the MVP and a hometown kid,... Read more »

The Wicked Warlock of the Eastern Conference Has Finally Been Vanquished

LeBron James…mostly negative things come to mind nowdays whenever we each hear that name. It’s funny that 340 days ago at this time in the afternoon, LeBron was still a beloved household name of an NBA MVP and most likely all-time great basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Fast forward a few hours and that... Read more »