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American Idol Winner and Mount Prospect Native, Lee DeWyze Married

All the local ladies out there hoping that they still had a chance with former paint salesman and previous “Idol” winner Lee DeWyze, you better start looking elsewhere, as he wed model/actress Jonna Walsh Saturday in California, according to People magazine. Lee also wrote a new song that will be on an upcoming album just for... Read more »

Randhurst Has Been Born Again!

Randhurst Has Been Born Again!
Anyone that’s lived or passed through the Mount Prospect, Wheeling, Arlington Heights area for any length of time has most likely taken a trip to Randhurst, one of the first air conditioned shopping centers. Most remember it (as I do) as a lunch hangout that you had to catch the light at Kensington & Elmhurst... Read more »

Like Movies and Live in the Mount Prospect Area...Have I Got Something For You!

Anyone that’s lived in the Mount Prospect/Arlington Heights/Wheeling area has been to the theater at Randhurst at some point or another, right? Well whether or not you frequented it when it was a General Cinemas or an AMC over the past last 10+ years, there is an exciting event taking place tomorrow for the new... Read more »

Hidden Heights Hangouts: Photo's Hot Dogs

Everyone enjoys a good old fashion hot dog, no matter whether your from Chicago or from a land far far away, that juicy/tasty dog gets anyones hunger roaring. One of the best parts of living in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs is no shortage of solid hot dog joints to choose from. Yes there is... Read more »

From Paint Salesman to...Singing the National Anthem???

According to a story I saw earlier today in the Chicago Tribune, Lee DeWyze has hinted on his Twitter that he may be singing the National Anthem at this Sunday’s Bears/Packers game at Soldier Field. “National Anthem at home, yes. Go Bears,” Tweeted DeWyze, a Mount Prospect native who won “American Idol” last year. If... Read more »

"Man Drives Over 33 Mount Prospect Lawns..."

When I read this headline on the Daily Herald website this morning, it struck me with a laugh…not just any laugh, but a loud one. This being during work hours, a few people came over to see what all the commotion I was making was about.  It didn’t disappoint when they saw what I was... Read more »

Bar Mount Prospect???

Recently, I was surprised to see that the normally upscale and posh eatery/bar, Bar Louie, had opened their latest location on Rand Road near Randhurst (across from Wendy’s and next to the Holiday Inn). Being that I’ve been to the establishment in Naperville, Orland Park, Evanston, and downtown in Wrigleyville, it seemed odd that such... Read more »

Lee DeWyze's "Live It Up", In-Stores Next Tuesday, November 16th

Being from the Arlington Heights/Mount Prospect area and an alum of Prospect High School, it almost is a requirement to follow our favorite paint salesman and 2010 American Idol winner Lee DeWyze. Lee’s next career step is probably the most important in dictating whether or not he’s going to stick around in the lime light... Read more »

Mr. DeWyze Was Here

Lee's favorite karaoke bar in Glenview, they still currently host karaoke on Tuesday nights.
In honor of Lee DeWyze’s hometown show at Arlington Park last night, it would be a perfect time to share some of the places Lee spent his time at during his younger pre-Idol years. It’s funny to think back as I too attended Prospect High School, had basketball camp at Forest View High School, and... Read more »

Chickity China the Chinese chicken

Diner food served to you on a toy train...brings back childhood memories
…You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin’. Yes, I am referring to the 90’s smash (or headache, depending on which side of the coin you fell on in regards to this song) called “One Week” by Barenaked Ladies.  For some reason this song always plays in my head when I think about/plan on... Read more »