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Paranormal Activity 3...This Guy Ain't A Fan

Paranormal Activity 3...This Guy Ain't A Fan
When you think of Halloween, normally the big horror movies from over the years come to mind: Halloween, Friday the 13th, Scream, Saw, and now Paranormal Activity takes it’s place as the new king of yearly released flicks. The first two weren’t groundbreakers from a thematic standpoint…girl and guy are haunted by an entity and... Read more »

Halloween in the "Heights" Approved Flicks

A dark horse, indie film made by Oren Peli for $15k that juggernauted to $194M in profit worldwide.  A simply made, well directed "found footage" movie that had it's sequel just released recently.
With Halloween around the corner and a lot of my friends/acquaintances spending their nights leading up to it watching classic or crappy horror flicks, I figured it would be a great time to count down my top 5 favorite horror movie series (with an indie newcomer to the party): My childhood Halloweens were filled with... Read more »