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Gin Blossoms @ Arlington Heights Frontier Days...Friday, July 1st!

Gin Blossoms with their major hits “Hey Jealous”, “Follow You Down”, and “Until I Hear It From You” (from the Empire Records soundtrack), were huge successes growing from a small college following to a major label/national success in the mid to late 90s. The “Blossoms” were one of my favorite pop rock bands at the... Read more »

36th Arlington Heights Frontier Days...June 30th through July 4th!

With June sneaking up on us after the winter/spring insanity, it means that the summer festival season is upon us. Being that I’ve lived a majority of my teenage/adult life in Arlington Heights, one thing that will always be a solid memory is Frontier Days. Frontier Days was “the” place to hang out in the... Read more »