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New "Heights" Froyo Shop To Open In May

Berry Yo, a new self-serve frozen yogurt shop, located next to Armand’s Pizzeria on Vail Street with the hopes of opening at the end of May is the talk of downtown Arlington Heights. The store will serve 16 flavors and 30 to 40 toppings, from Oreos and Gummi bears to granola and fresh fruit. Customers... Read more »

Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs...In Arlington Heights???

“Have I died and gone to hot dog heaven?” That’s exactly what I said when I read a story this morning on Trib Local about the Coney Island staple chain that is planning on taking over a vacant beauty salon on the edge of the village, 1766 W. Algonquin Rd, by the end of this... Read more »

Hidden Heights Hangouts: Sushi Para of Palatine

Sushi…not necessarily the first thing that comes to mine when you say “All-You-Can-Eat”, but Sushi Para on Dundee in Palatine is just that: An “All-You-Can-Eat” Sushi joint with three other Chicago based locations.   How much better can it get? Well the best part is the price…it’s only $15.50 for lunch and $18.99 for dinner.... Read more »

Wanted: Mongolian BBQ in Arlington Heights or Surrounding Areas

Keeping with the common theme of “How I love to eat food”, today I was daydreaming how amazing it would be to have a Mongolian BBQ/Flat Top Grill or any stir-fry eatery in the NW Suburbs. Having dinner at Mongolian BBQ last night in Naperville got me thinking about how there is no (other than... Read more »

Hidden Heights Hangouts: Peep's Hot Dogs

If you live/frequent anywhere near Hersey high school or Town and Country Mall (if it’s even a mall anymore), you probably have heard of or been to Peep’s Hot Dogs. Located at the corner of Rand and Thomas Ave (across from Target), Peep’s is a locally owned business that was a favorite hangout of my... Read more »

Bar Mount Prospect???

Recently, I was surprised to see that the normally upscale and posh eatery/bar, Bar Louie, had opened their latest location on Rand Road near Randhurst (across from Wendy’s and next to the Holiday Inn). Being that I’ve been to the establishment in Naperville, Orland Park, Evanston, and downtown in Wrigleyville, it seemed odd that such... Read more »

Hidden Heights Hangouts: Javier's Sabor Mexicano

My next “Hidden Heights Hangouts” is a nice, up and coming authentic mexican restaurant located in downtown Arlington Heights. Javier’s Sabor Mexicano (formerly La Chicanita) is located on the corner of Dunton and Miner, almost directly across from the train station. With having a fun spot for people watching during the spring/summer, Javier’s is perfect... Read more »

Hidden Heights Hangouts: China Buffet & Mongolian BBQ

To kick off the new year with a new feature, I decided that I would highlight restaurants/fast food joints in the Arlington Heights area that maybe people haven’t heard/seen before and call it “Hidden Heights Hangouts”. I’ll spotlight a favorite or new place in the area that might be of interest to you or the foodie (like... Read more »

Thanksgiving Day...Is There No Better Day Of The Year?

Thanksgiving means it’s time for the three “f’s”: Food, Family, and Football. It’s the time of year where watching football, eating copious amounts of food, and all the while attempting not to be the first family member to move from the couch or recliner is thoroughly accepted. I love the Thanksgiving holiday possibly more than any other... Read more »

McRib Hunting...People Actually Do This?

The McDonald’s McRib, it’s a delicious and elusive boneless pork sandwich, that’s only sold in a limited time fashion across the United States. In reading an article posted on the Chicago Tribune website this morning (see original article here), it’s amazing to me that this seemingly normal item is one of mythical legend.  There is much... Read more »