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"Sno-torious B.I.G. 2011", Hanging in the Heights Version

Blizzard and shoveling least until more snow falls...
So the blizzard of 2011 was just that: a blizzard that closed down Lake Shore Drive, made CPS close for the first time in twelve years, displaced people at hotels for the night to make it into work the next day or at home without any chance of leaving until the plows came to your... Read more »

"Live Where You Work", "Work Where You Live" or "Option C, Neither"?

My fiance and I are in the beginning stages of the frightening process, buying your first home.  We both have been lucky enough to have parents that haven’t booted us out of their homes the second we finished college and in my case have even welcomed me home after my tour of duty working/living in the... Read more »