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"Catching Hell", An Ode to Bartman and the 2003 Chicago Cubs

"Catching Hell", An Ode to Bartman and the 2003 Chicago Cubs
If you live in Chicago and are a Cubs fan, I’m sure you’ll already be glued to your TV tonight at 7pm, watching ESPN’s latest “30 for 30” documentary named “Catching Hell”. “Catching Hell”, Oscar Award Winning Director’s Alex Gibney’s revist to the 2003 Cubs and Chicago’s public enemy #1, Steve Bartman. In reading a... Read more »

New Voice of the Chicago Cubs...From Arlington Heights???

In following up on a piece I wrote back in late February about the Chicago Cubs seeking a new Public Address Announcer…well they found one and he comes from the “Heights”. Andrew Belleson of Arlington Heights won the position after having an on-the-job tryout and besting 3,000 other hopefuls. Check out his video entry: Andrew... Read more »

Some "Beefy" Changes at Wrigley Field

Being that I’m a food lover (as we all should be in life), I enjoy my fair share of Hot Dogs and Pizzas.   That being said, two pretty cool changes took place today when it came to some of the offerings that will be new (and old) at Wrigley Field this season. First, being... Read more »

Could You Be the New Voice of the Chicago Cubs?

With the start of March, spring is around the corner and that means that baseball season is exactly one month away from opening day. One major piece of seeing a Cubs game live at Wrigley Field is the importance of the public address announce, which for the most part of the past sixteen years has... Read more »