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Two For Two On "Storms Of The Century"

Being that this is the second summer my wife and I have lived in Carol Stream and that we are “two for two” in the gigantic storm experiencing department (sure, I wasn’t home yesterday when the storm actually hit, but I saw the aftermath and what all the commotion was about). I’m almost thinking that... Read more »

#49 of the 100 best places to live in America with populations of 8,500 to 50,000...Carol Stream?

I read the headline and almost LOL’ed myself out of my cubicle chair…#49, better than the Buffalo Grove’s, Batavia’s, Oswego’s, and South Elgin’s… So I guess that when my fiance and I decided on where we were going to buy our first house…we just kind of tripped into looking at Carol Stream after our attempts... Read more »

Disaster Area in Carol Stream And We Were In The Middle Of It

A neighbor adjacent to me had a large pine tree ripped up out of the ground and had it resting on their house
One minor secret to my blog is the fact that up until recently I lived with my parents in Arlington Heights, but a few months ago, my lovely fiance and I purchased our first home in Carol Stream (a western suburb between Glendale Heights and West Chicago). So far Carol Stream has been all that... Read more »