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Black Friday or Cyber Monday, When Do You Spend More Dough???

Until recently the Friday and weekend after Thanksgiving was filled with lining up at your favorite retailer at unbelievably early hours to get that $10 CD player or $2 DVD, but thanks to the rise of online shopping, the game’s completely been changed. The real question these days is: Black Friday or Cyber Monday, what... Read more »

Who Really Wants To Leave The House on Black Friday?

Not me…especially when every year you can read stories of people getting trampled, kicked, arrested, and potentially even getting killed. Now anyone that really knows me, knows that I LOVE getting a deal or using coupons, but when it comes to putting myself in potential danger by other human’s that might be a bit too... Read more »

My Favorite Part About The Week After Halloween...

…is all of the SUPER cheap candy and Halloween items at your local Target/Walmart/whatever it may be. Today after week two of our house hunt, my fiance and I ventured into her local Target and found the “holiday” aisle JAMMED with people trying to buy the last remnants of Halloween 2010. I mean who can... Read more »