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Opening Day @ Arlington Park

Opening Day @ Arlington Park
Later this morning at 11:15 am, the gates to Arlington Park opening for another season with a lot of fun and excitement taking place to celebrate. General admission is FREE and for the first 5,000 people through the gates, they’ll get a coupon for a hot dog/beer or soda combo for only 50 cents. Carmen,... Read more »

Could Arlington Park Actually Close?

Arlington Park, it’s a large structure and entity in the large suburb of Arlington Heights.  It brings people from cities and states around to take part in the races, betting, and various other activities. I was shocked to read that recently, Arlington Heights Village President Arlene Mulder, is worried that the park might face closure... Read more »

Lee DeWyze, Mt. Prospect's Favorite Paint Salesman

So as 99.9% of Chicagoland knows (the other .1% probably doesn’t own TV’s or play softball 7 days a week like my friend Rich), Lee DeWyze was the winner of this season’s American Idol.  He easily became the most recognized, blue collared, favorite hometown son this decade with his simple and hardworking attitude. I’ll admit... Read more »