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Two For Two On "Storms Of The Century"

Being that this is the second summer my wife and I have lived in Carol Stream and that we are “two for two” in the gigantic storm experiencing department (sure, I wasn’t home yesterday when the storm actually hit, but I saw the aftermath and what all the commotion was about). I’m almost thinking that... Read more »

So How Late Is Too Late To Blow Off Fireworks?

So How Late Is Too Late To Blow Off Fireworks?
We all know that fireworks and the 4th of July weekend go hand in hand, which normally means a lot of us spend half the weekend trying to blow off our hand/arm/leg/fingers with the biggest explosive we could possible find outside the Illinois state border.   And don’t get me wrong, I’m all for celebrating... Read more »

Gin Blossoms @ Arlington Heights Frontier Days...Friday, July 1st!

Gin Blossoms with their major hits “Hey Jealous”, “Follow You Down”, and “Until I Hear It From You” (from the Empire Records soundtrack), were huge successes growing from a small college following to a major label/national success in the mid to late 90s. The “Blossoms” were one of my favorite pop rock bands at the... Read more »

36th Arlington Heights Frontier Days...June 30th through July 4th!

With June sneaking up on us after the winter/spring insanity, it means that the summer festival season is upon us. Being that I’ve lived a majority of my teenage/adult life in Arlington Heights, one thing that will always be a solid memory is Frontier Days. Frontier Days was “the” place to hang out in the... Read more »

Let's Celebrate the "4th of Halloween"!

Halloween has to be one of my favorite holiday’s of the year, next to Thanksgiving or Black Friday/Cyber Monday (which should be an official holiday by now).  It brings the wearing of costumes, eating excessive amounts of candy, and pilgrimages to the movie theater to see the new Saw movie back into the normalcy of... Read more »