About HITH

Hi, I'm Matt and I live in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights (and no that isn't a death sentence like one of my previous Chicago roommates thinks, it's really not the same as contracting leprosy).  Being in my late 20's, I spent my post college years living in the shadow of Wrigley and working in Chicago radio, now I find myself living and working back in the burbs...it's not so bad!

Arlington Heights, it's a town of many things and the one I've lived in for more than 50% of my life (Chicago born/raised otherwise).  The "Heights" has class, nice people, good schools, a sweet library, and the Arlington racetrack!  All these things and more are what keeps drawing me back to this city.  There's also very many things that make me laugh and shake my head whether it be on my daily commute to work, shopping at the store, or walking down the street.

I'll write about music, events, technology, people watching, and every day chuckles (jokes, in layman's terms)...hopefully you'll come on the ride of life "Hanging in the Heights" with me!

Email jokes, tips, suggestions, funny things you see people do, or just a daily thought...I don't discriminate: Email Me