We Appreciate Your Enthusiasm: The Oral History of Q101 by James VanOsdol

We Appreciate Your Enthusiasm: The Oral History of Q101 by James VanOsdol

Looking back on my very short "career" (I barely can call an eight year stint in radio a career), I had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest and best people in the Chicago market.

From my internship runs at WCKG, Q101, and XRT to the years I spent with 94.7 "The Zone" and lastly 94.7 WLS-FM, I enjoyed the time spent with those that had been involved in radio that I grew up listening to in during the 90's the most.

One of my favorite people to work with had to have been James VanOsdol, who helped shape the culture of Q101 during it's rocket up the Chicago radio scene and later with 94.7 "The Zone".

James was the main radio "personality" that I grew up listening to during my high school years and likely the most influential reason I got interested in radio before my freshman year at Northern Illinois.

I never was able to work with him during his time at Q101, but being able to be a co-worker of his at "The Zone" brought out the true radio nerd inside me...even as far as telling him "dude, you were the reason I got into radio".

All this gushing about James brings me to the real reason I wanted to put "keys to screen" is that he just released a collection of the history of Q101 called "We Appreciate Your Enthusiam: The Oral History of Q101", a 350+ page monster that covers the stories, memories, and recollections of the people who worked there both on the air and behind the scenes.

It's available on paperback and via Kindle on Amazon.com and probably at plenty of local bookstores around the Chicago area, Challengers Comics being one of them.

Just reading the foreword by local Arlington Heights resident Tim McIlrath of Rise Against fame and a piece of the Introduction by James himself was enough to suck me back into those 90's memories of Q101.

It's not like I wasn't excited enough when I first heard James announce the project, I'm genuinely excited to read his account of the "behind the scenes" that was Chicago Alternative radio and this is coming from someone who rarely enjoys cracking open a book unless it's by Kevin Smith or Drew Magary from Deadspin.

So those of us that grew up listening to the Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, or any of the hundreds of bands that Q101's transmission brought to the Chicago airwaves....do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of James's new book!

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