How Can Hostess Shut Down??? Please Don't Go!

How Can Hostess Shut Down??? Please Don't Go!

It was truly a bummer of a Friday around the Chicagoland area: Jay Cutler was ruled out for Monday's game against San Francisco, former Bears coach Mike Ditka suffered a stroke (thank goodness he's reportedly ok), and the Hostess company announced that it will sell off it's assets and close.

This means  18,500 workers from all across the country (around 625 in the Chicago area that make Cupcakes, Hoho's, Honey Buns, Wonder Bread, Butternut, and Home Pride) are expected to lose their jobs.

It also seemed as a small part of each of our childhoods passed away as well seeing as most of us ate one of those products when we were little.

I also guess that these products are flying off the shelves and can't be found at some stores once the news hit the mainstream.

Who hasn't deep fried a Twinkie or had a day where their mom gave them a Hoho as a treat in their lunch bag?

Now wouldn't it be awesome if somehow Hostess figures out a way to stay in business...especially since most things end up getting worse after being sold to a different company.

We all can hope...right?


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