First Impressions of the iPhone 5

First Impressions of the iPhone 5

The world lost it's mind a few Friday's ago when the new iPhone was released...most didn't understand why as a majority of the features were similar to Android phones already on the market.

As an Apple supporter and iPhone owner since the day the original came out, I can agree with most of those opinions, but I've drank too much of the Kool-Aid and for way too long to switch now.

(I did wake up at 1:30 in the morning to pre-order mine so I would receive it on release day)

All summer as I was waiting for the new phone to be announced, I hoped that my iPhone 4 wouldn't die from the effects of various rainstorms of the past two years, so anything they released I automatically would've bought.

Apple has carved their niche in the market to where their phone owners have bought enough apps and spent enough money on accessories to not really feel like changing to Android (or they would've already).

The new "Lightning" adapter is a perfect example of how they can flip the script and everyone will follow suit to buy the new "thing".

iPhone 5 has it's ups with the taller/longer screen and skinnier profile with a faster processor and LTE network, but it's all been seen before.

I'm far from complaining as I'll probably buy Apple products until they stop making the iPhone (if they ever do) as I'm too far in to switch now.

It's a nice phone and if this had been the first version, it'd be a knockout.

I guess most of us are just used to more "and one more thing" from Apple of the Steve Jobs era.

What are your thoughts on the new iPhone 5?  Like, dislike, in the middle?

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