2012 NFL Football is Back!

2012 NFL Football is Back!

With the Bears kicking off against the Indianapolis Colts at Noon on Sunday, it's the first true day of the NFL season (sure the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants played last Wednesday, but it's the first Sunday that always counts).

All of the heightened expectations that come along with the off-season moves the Bears made make this a special kickoff, hopefully one that is just the beginning of "the year".

It also starts the journey's of five rookie quarterbacks, with Indi's Andrew Luck being one, who knows what the future holds for these in their upcoming career.

For me it's also the start of the best time of the year for me: wedding anniversary, fantasy football, and Sunday's watching NFL Redzone with my buddies or in my amazing new La-Z-Boy chair (it has a fridge in it so I never have to get up out of it)!

It also doesn't hurt that this also means the nearing of the pain for the Cubs season as well...

What do you look forward to this NFL season and how far do you think the Bears will make it?

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