Turn Back The Clock...Jewel-Osco on Vail Avenue in 1965

Turn Back The Clock...Jewel-Osco on Vail Avenue in 1965
Photo Credit- Dave Alford - Pleasant Family Shopping dot Blogspot dot com

As many of us have shopped at the modernized Jewel-Osco on Vail Avenue, across from the train station, over the years...but I'm not sure many of us remember what it used to look like almost 40 years ago in 1965.

2012 marks the 75th anniversary of Osco Drug.  Today, there are three Jewel-Osco stores located in Arlington Heights, and a total of 180 Jewel-Osco’s in Illinois, Iowa and Northwest Indiana.

Another interesting tidbit is in regards to a special employee, Nancy Harstad, a pharmacist at the Jewel-Osco Pharmacy on Vail Avenue, who is celebrating her 40th anniversary with the company this year.  After graduating with a pharmacy degree from Drake University in 1970, Harstad joined the company as a part-time pharmacist floater in 1972 and worked at a few different Osco Drug stores in Chicago’s suburbs.  In 1991, she switched to full time, working at the Rolling Meadows store for nine years, before moving to the Vail Ave. store in about 1997, where she has been ever since.

How many of us have crossed Nancy's path over the years and still do today?

I always find historical photographs to be extra interesting (and especially the change in design with cars and buildings) to remember our past.

What are some of your favorite memories of this Jewel-Osco or the area around it?

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