The Lollapalooza Hangover...Without The Booze

Whenever the Monday after Lolla comes around, I tend to feel drained and almost hungover from the three straight days of non-stop music and fun (if you can count evacuating the park due to a giant rainstorm fun).

The highlights of my extended weekend of music were:

  • Fun, being rescheduled to 6:30 on Saturday after the storm and watching thousands of people crowd the Google Play stage to sing along to "Some Nights"
  • Black Sabbath, as what many people are saying their last show as "Black Sabbath", rolling through a two hour set capped by their classic "Paranoid"
  • Black Keys, impressing someone like myself who had grown tired of "Gold on the Ceiling" on the radio, and either choosing to or being elected to be the band that blows off fireworks at Lolla.  It seems like every year one headliner does that
  • Aloe Blacc, rocking his single "I Need A Dollar" and reminding me that it's the theme song to "How To Make It In America" on HBO
  • At The Drive In, not being as powerful on stage as I'd hope (not sure how many bands can command a huge main stage at Lolla), but putting together a solid set and fulfilling my wish of seeing them since they broke up when I was still in high school
  • Nero and almost any artist performing at Perry's, every time I seemed to walk by it was JAMMED with people and I wanted to stop and take in what must have been heaven for fans of House/Dub-step, etc

I had plenty more experiences that will be a memory until next years Lolla, even though I had moaned and groaned about the lineup when it was initially announced.
Going with what one of my buddies said a few years back about Lollapalooza, "...the lineup might not be as good some years, but you aren't always  paying for the music, you are paying for the experience of being one of 100,000 people in Grant Park in the middle of Chicago summer, listening to whoever is there on stage"
As much as I didn't realize how true he was and it's amazing how sometimes it's not all about the music, but the people and experiences that come from having a middle sized town, comprised of people from all over the world, come to a few square miles for 3 days.
What was your favorite part/band/experience of Lollapalooza 2012?

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