Two For Two On "Storms Of The Century"

Being that this is the second summer my wife and I have lived in Carol Stream and that we are "two for two" in the gigantic storm experiencing department (sure, I wasn't home yesterday when the storm actually hit, but I saw the aftermath and what all the commotion was about).

I'm almost thinking that this is a regular event such as 4th of July or Presidents Day or we now expect  this to happen every year?

July always seems to be the perfect time for this to happen, especially when it's close to 100 degrees outside.

It's probably a good time to buy a generator or get one as a gift (hint, hint, family and friends...actually it's going to our tax return present to ourselves next year), luckily for the time being our neighbors have been nothing but amazing in letting us share theirs so we can save our fridge full of food and don't have to add that to the list of inconveniences.

Now your probably asking with the power still out, how are you writing this post?

After cleaning up all the branches and crap that fell all around the house (and staring at our little boy/dog, Lucky for a good hour), I figured it was best to have him enjoy the company of our neighbors and their little guy for the day and to go off to work.  Sitting at home in the dark and heat wouldn't have been fun and neither is wasting a vacation day with nothing to show for it.

Air conditioning, internet, and television are all things we take for granted until times like these...not having them for almost 24 hours (at home) feels like an eternity.

For all the bad things I've said about you ComEd over the years, here's to you hopefully turning my power back on by the time I get home...too bad it's less than 1% possible for it to actually be true.

All complaining aside, without any house or property damage and having my wife/pup escape without injury, I guess I'm pretty lucky when it comes to the "Storm of the Century 2012 Edition".

Good luck to all those without power still and hopefully we can have it back in time to enjoy the 4th of July holiday!

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