WWDC 2012...New iphone? New MacBooks?

WWDC 2012...New iphone? New MacBooks?

Every year around this time, normally coinciding with E3 or the week following, is the famed Apple WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) where it's a showcase for all of their developers to come and see what is next up for the company.

It's also where they tend to announce all of their brand new products that usually hit the market within the following weeks and month after the keynote.

My hope is that a new full iPhone release is announced as my iPhone 4 is slowly dying and I'd like to be able to resell it before it kicks the bucket, but all signs are pointing towards a new iOS 6 and MacBooks being announced.

The keynote starts at 10a PDT (Noon our time) and usually lasts an hour.

I'll be watching Mr. Cook during my lunch out and hope that he has some good news for me!


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