Take A Few Weeks Off And You'll Miss The World...

Take A Few Weeks Off And You'll Miss The World...

Welcome back friends...you take a few weeks off from writing and you'll miss the world.

I figured a break from blogging was due to refresh and recapture the magic of spitting your ideas onto a virtual canvas.

In the two weeks that I was gone, here is a rundown on what happened (in case you lived under a rock and just decided to come out again):

  • New Macbooks & iOS 6 announced (but no new iPhone 5 yet...boo)
  • New albums from Linkin Park and Smashing Pumpkins (is it 1999 again?)
  • LeBron James and his team of villains finally won him his first NBA Championship
  • The LA Kings won the Stanley Cup after being the 8th seeded team
  • White Sox trade for Kevin Youkillis and are still in 1st place
  • Cubs bring up Superboy Anthony Rizzo and are still in 1,000,182th place in some division
  • Weather is supposed to hit 100 degrees on Thursday (is it sad that I'm thinking of taking the day off?)

And I bet so much more crap that I can't even remember.
Hell of a way to start the summer and where's all the rain?
Enjoy your Monday and hopefully the week doesn't eat you alive...

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