Electronic Entertainment Expo Starts Today!

Electronic Entertainment Expo Starts Today!

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or more commonly known to video game junkies as E3, officially starts today!

I know it's taking place across the country on Los Angeles, but for a VG nerd like me, it's one of the best days of the year to sit at my work computer and try to multitask watching the live streams of the different conferences in with my job responsibilities.

It's essentially like the equivalent of March Madness for "gamers", that's been going on every summer since 1995.

The expo itself is a spectacle that is fun to attend once or twice (as I was able to back in my retail days), but as I'm sure most long standing industry members will tell you, it gets old after a few years and most would rather sit at home and watch the live blogs as they go up.

It's very cool to check out all the new technology and games that are announced, but being that the expo is twice as overcrowded as it should be, I only could see handling it for a full day at best.

So with Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo conferences coming up, what is the big surprise announcement that we'll hear?

And just an FYI for those people that actually read this that work in my office...I'm physically here, but my attention is actually on what's happening in LA...just kidding (or am I?)

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