Who Didn't See "The Avengers" This Weekend

Who Didn't See "The Avengers" This Weekend

Normally I'm not one to jump to see a movie on opening weekend, but for as big as Marvel's "The Avengers" were this past weekend, I couldn't pass it up.

Seeing an 11am showing at the new AMC Randhurst that was packed to the gills was impressive (especially since we attempted to go to a 10am, but it was already sold out) and I wasn't disappointed in the least.

With all the action, jokes, and fairly close following to the comic books, it was a solid superhero team movie and I believe the first one to hit the theaters (I'm sure with all this Avengers success that D.C.'s Justice League isn't too far behind).

Did anyone not see this movie this weekend?  Any hands?

Didn't think so...

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