What's On Tap For Your Memorial Day Weekend

What's On Tap For Your Memorial Day Weekend

Being that it's the official first weekend of summer, the weather looks like it'll be a hot one for three straight days.

Good thing I've got plenty of brats, dogs, and burgers in the freezer...

Our weekend without knowing it got jammed packed with BBQ's, wedding's, vet visits, and the dreaded "yard work".

Also, I just realized that 4th of July is smack dab in the middle of the week this year (yes, it's on a Wednesday, so a great way to waste a normally awesome company holiday), so this might be the last good holiday till Labor Day.

And the reason we all take time to remember this holiday is for those who gave their lives and years to enable us to have the freedom we enjoy day in and day out.

So for those of you who have, we salute you!

What's on your plate for the holiday weekend? Anything fun or exciting?

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