Paging Dr. House For The Last Time

Paging Dr. House For The Last Time

After watching FOX's "House" series finale last night (which also had an appearance from Patrick Quinlan, a fellow Prospect High School alum), it brought back memories from my last days of college and the eight years that have passed since.

It's almost been seven years since I left the hallways of Northern Illinois University and going from working in radio, getting laid off for the first time, buying a house and getting married, Dr. House and his staff was there on Monday nights (and Tuesday's before) through all of that and it's sad to let it go.

I'm happy that the show never "jumped the shark" as some of my other favorite shows did at some point ("Lost" with it's purgatory spin and "The Office" with the whole Andy in charge/Robert California junk), so I was able to stay glued to my TV for the 42 minutes every week that it was on, waiting for what kind of craziness was going to happen next.

At first it was great because another Prospect alum, Jennifer Morrison, who played Dr. Cameron in the first few seasons was something cool to watch someone that had walked the same hallways as I did just a few years before me.

But in the end it was awesome to see the show come full circle and stick home the point that "Everybody Lies" (also the name of the pilot episode) as we watched Dr. House "ride" off into the sunset.

For those fans of the show, what did you think of the series finale from last night? Was it all that you had hoped it would be once you knew the end was coming?

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