Support The Buddy Foundation in Arlington Heights

Support The Buddy Foundation in Arlington Heights

A friend that unconditionally loves you day in and day out and if you were to ask my wife, our 5yr old boy, Lucky, is as close to a child that we are going to get for a few years.

He follows me from the second I wake up until the second I fall asleep, aside from obviously going with me to work, but I'm sure he would come with if I let him!

I've written about The Buddy Foundation before, located at 65 W. Seegers in Arlington Heights, and like to support local animal shelters run by amazing groups.

The Buddy Foundation was spotlighted earlier recently  in TribLocal and if your looking for a great organization to volunteer with or donate to, check out their website for opportunities.

We all can use an extra little sunshine in our lives everyday and pets are the best way to do it!  Not only are you helping your quality of life, but your helping a pet in need that just want to share their life with us.

The Buddy Foundation
65 W. Seegers
Arlington Heights
(847) 290-5806

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