Are The Bulls Playoffs Hope Toast?

With Mr. Rose tearing his ACL in Saturday's game 1 in the playoff series with Philadelphia, I'm sure lots of people are asking themselves and those NBA fans around them the same thing.

Losing the reining 2011 NBA MVP for the remainder of the year is a tough order for the Bulls or let alone any team to overcome.

But being that the Bulls were 18-9 in the 27 games that Rose missed during the regular season, it seems more likely than the fight most other teams might put up when their star player is out.

Being the second year that the Bulls have had the best record in the league, a life long Chicagoan and memories of the Jordan years, we'd all hope that the team can put this behind them and somehow pull it out for the hometown kid.

Let's all cross our fingers and say the "hallelujah's" together...especially for game 2 tomorrow night.

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