Chicago Bears 2012 Off-season Thus Far: A+

We're only a few hours into the new NFL season and already the Chicago Bears have made a big splash signing backup Quarterback Jason Campbell and trading for big play Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall, Jay Cutler's favorite target during his years in Denver.

And now there's talk of them trying to sign ex-Oakland Raiders Running Back Michael Bush.

As I was texting with one of my friends, "dude if we get all three, the Bears would be like an NFL Blitz team..."

But so far into Phil Emery's first year as General Manager, he's getting two big thumbs up from me for targeting improving the offense around Cutler, which has been lacking in firepower since he arrived.

What's your thoughts and who else would you like to see the Bears go after?

Just think, only 175 more days to go before the first kickoff...

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