When Driving Too Fast Is An Understatement

When Driving Too Fast Is An Understatement

What's the fastest you've ever driven in a car?

80? 90? 100?

I doubt that a large majority of us have gone autobahn speeds while living in Illinois, for we all know there are plenty of cops out there looking for those that have gotten their speed limit numbers mixed up.

Recently a Shorewood man was driving 142 mph when he rolled his car and landed in a Naperville yard last month, according to police.

Now your thinking, 142 mph is pretty damn fast and for the speed limit being 40 where he was, it almost seems unfathomable for him to not run into something going that fast...it also didn't help that he blew a .2 BAC when they found the driver trapped in the car and the vehicle’s dislodged engine and a tire in a nearby parking lot.

It kinda made me think of the Dane Cook joke about "Mary's face being near tires", but I'm sure it's not necessarily the time to be thinking about jokes.

Thankfully this didn't happen anywhere near the "heights", but it could happen anywhere...I don't even think my 2000 Mazda Protege with 176K miles on it could exist if it went anywhere above 100.


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