Most You'd Pay For A Gallon Of Gas...

Most You'd Pay For A Gallon Of Gas...

Most of us have a dollar amount in mind when they start to think they'd hit the freak out button and debate on if their turn of the key was absolutely necessary or not.

My amount is the $4 mark, which according to this USA Today story, might not even be that high compared to the supposed $5 a gallon in some places (near Disney World, in major metro areas).

It seemed like this week sparked a lot of talk when gas prices seemed to go up a quarter overnight and made lots of drivers regretful for not filling up on their way home the day before. But at the same time, it's been this way for the past few years with soaring prices.

For someone that drives close to 50 miles roundtrip everyday to and from work, it's a topic that has me planning on exactly when I'm going to fill up and where.

Luckily I work in Lake County and get a good ten cent difference normally from Cook (where my parents live) or DuPage (where I live), so I make a point to plan my fill ups around the beginning or end of the work week to avoid needing to gas up at a higher price.

For all of us out there, I'm sure everyone has their level of price they'd pay for a tank of gas...hopefully we don't have to be seeing it at the gas pumps anytime soon!


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