Dr. House To Make His Final Diagnosis This Year

Dr. House To Make His Final Diagnosis This Year

Gregory House, a grumpy, unusual, but genious Chief of Diagnostic Medicine at the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, will be making his final apperance this year in the eight and final season of the Fox drama "House".

Announced Wednesday that the show will be ending, there is both sadness and understanding in a show that's one of the only remaining ones from my college days.  Over the last few years with Lost, Law & Order, and various other long running series putting a close to their stories, it's become another reminder of getting older and further away from being a kid.

With local connections in Jennifer Morrison (playing Dr. Cameron, a Prospect High School grad) and Peter Jacobson (playing Dr. Taub, son of Chicago news anchor Walter Jacobson), it's had a lot of Chicago flavor for a fictional New Jersey hospital.

It's been a staple on Monday nights and I'm sure a lot of other people besides me will be sad to see it go, but as there always is, a solid new show will swing in to take it's place next fall!

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