Woman Dumps Man Due To Cancer, But Still Wants SB Tickets...

Get this story...Man buys SB tickets for him and his girlfriend...Man plans to propose at Christmas before said SB...Man finds out he's got bladder cancer and upon hearing the news, Man's girlfriend apparently dumped him on the spot.

Sounds too awful to be true, but it gets better (or worse, however you look at it).

According to a recent Deadspin story, Jason Elia, a TV writer from Nashville went through all this trouble of getting the tickets for him and his gf and life hits him with a out of nowhere backhand...you'd think the one person that would stick by his side would be the one you love, but nope...

Best part of the whole story is that she still wants the tickets because she claims they were purchased with her in mind.

At least Jason is looking on the bright side and using the attention to gather Twitter followers by auctioning off his pair of tickets to the person that nets him the most Twitter followers by the end of the Pro Bowl and he'll announce the winner on Tuesday.

I'm probably betting that this woman is regretting her choice right about now since the story went national.

Didn't she ever hear the song "Stand By Your Man"?


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  • With my luck, I'm gonna end up with this girl's number at some random bar in Lincoln Park this summer.

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