Were You Ready For The Snow? I Sure Wasn't...

Were You Ready For The Snow?  I Sure Wasn't...

We knew it was eventually going to come and even though yesterday's snow fall wasn't all that bad in comparison to years past (or last February's "snowmageddon"), I bet it still caught a few of us off-guard when it came to being prepared.

Especially since Wednesday was so nice and warm outside...where did all of that come from?

My back is sure feeling the 4-8 inches we got hit with yesterday and supposedly more on the way next week, my thought is if we could have it all at once and be done with it for the season, I'd be fine with that...

That way we could stay warm inside, get a sick day from work, and catch up on our Sportscenter or massively overflowing movie backlog.

Luckily my extremely nice neighbor cleared our driveway three times before I made it home last night, but it sure didn't look that way this morning when I went out to clear off the car.

The commute was a little rough as well, especially since I saw plenty of accidents due to the snow and ice. It took me almost an hour and a half to make it the 24 miles from my house to office.

It didn't seem like most of us were ready, but none of us had a choice...

Here's to a great weekend of playoff football and UFC fights on the TV and hopefully NO SNOW!

*Was have the last 24-hours been like for you?  Any interesting stories, good or bad?

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