Thoughts on "Drew Peterson: Untouchable"???

Thoughts on "Drew Peterson: Untouchable"???
I guess he's close, but that mustache...

Rob Lowe, I'm thinking you might be better off sticking to the awesome Chris Traeger character you play on NBC's "Parks and Recreation" instead of these terrible Lifetime "based on a true story" flicks...especially after seeing your spin on the locally famous Drew Peterson character.

I'm sure most of you out there reading this that were home last night know what I'm talking about..."Drew Peterson: Untouchable" premiered on Lifetime and by the massive amount of reaction there was on my Facebook feed, it seemed like plenty of people tuned in to see the story that turned the city of Bolingbrook to the national stage.

Also starring Kaley Cuoco (or better known as the main actress from "Big Bang Theory" and probably the main reason my wife actually wanted to watch) as his fourth wife, seemed like there was a star-studded showing of great character actors/actresses that took part in the flick that is based on Joe Hosey's book, "Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Drew Peterson."

I lost most of my interest in the movie, other than to laugh at Lowe's characterization of Peterson, about 30 minutes into the movie because my view is solely based on what I've read in the newspapers and what's been reported in the media (and mostly what this movie keys on) it was a retelling of things I've already heard.

Not being personally involved in the situation, I'd have zero clue what is truth and what isn't...I guess anyone's that's lived in Illinois/Chicagoland for the past few years would have the same viewpoint, other than than the circus that the media has shown us.

For those of us that live outside of the radius, what did you think of "Untouchable"?

My favorite part of the movie, other than the supposedly untrue scene where Peterson opens his neighbors garage door and tells her "I'm untouchable, bi*ch", has to be Lowe's looks too fake to be believed.

With no college or pro football on...I guess there wasn't much better options on TV this past Saturday...

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