Goodbye 2011, Thanks For The Memories!

Goodbye 2011, Thanks For The Memories!

With New Years Eve upon us, shuffling out 2011 and bringing 2012 in, it's everyone's favorite time to reflect the year that was and what it brought us (and what it didn't)'s only 8am Central time and my Facebook is littered with status updates like "2011 SUCKED" and "Dude, I hope 2012 is like 100000000x better 2011".

Luckily 2011 was probably the best and most influential one of my lifetime.

It brought job stability in a new work environment, a new house, a new family (wife and pup), and lots of great lazy days hanging out on my couch (I've taken a week off from everything work related and it's been amazing to not feel like I ever have to be anywhere or do anything for a change).

There are plenty things that I hope 2012 will, happiness, a shed for our backyard (yup, I'm a 28 year old lame-o now that I own a house and things like that excite me).

2012 will be the first full year of being married and owning a house, but most importantly will hopefully be a better year in fantasy football (I ended up in next to last place in a majority of my leagues, where I won 2 out of 4 last year).

New Years Eve also brings another first to our new family, our first house party, it probably came out of both my wife and I being lazy and not wanting to actually go out anywhere, but it's a great excuse to have people over for our first get together.

So best wishes and enjoyable, safe fun in whatever you do's to a great 2011 and welcome an ever better 2012!

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