Driving In the Snow...Seems Like A New Concept To Most

Driving In the Snow...Seems Like A New Concept To Most

It seems like every year whenever the first flakes of snow hit the ground, it immediately creates this weird brain fart that disables people's memory and knowledge of how to drive.

During my normal twenty-five mile/forty-five minute commute to the office today, even though there wasn't much snow left on the ground, people still managed to have trouble driving the speed limit...which managed to help my commute take an hour and fifteen minutes.

What is it about these first flakes that scares the living crap out of us?  Especially the ninty-five percent of us that have lived and driven in them plenty of years before?

Sure I probably should've made proper plans to leave my house early, but who knew, especially when it didn't snow until overnight.

Even the CTA busses and trains had issues running behind, so I guess it's not not just the motorist that are running behind.

At least the snow took it's time and didn't fall until a week into December right?

Thank goodness for that one...good luck to us all to get home!


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