Am I Too Late To Start Xmas Shopping?

Am I Too Late To Start Xmas Shopping?

Mark the date...Monday, December 12th, 2011...I guess I should start my holiday shopping today.

For some reason, this year I've either been lazy or busy, or a combination of both, that I kept on putting off buying presents.

Normally I've been pretty good and at least started the week after Thanksgiving like every other normal American seems to do, but not this year.

At least I'm not one of those people that runs to the stores on Christmas Eve day and hopes to buy all the crap that's leftover for their loved ones.

I just am one of those people that likes to buy gift cards so the recipient can purchase something they actually want, as opposed to whatever I "think" they want (I'd buy everyone a home hot dog roller if that was the case).

People can say gift cards are a cop out and don't actually involve heart felt thought, but I feel unless the person specifically tells you they want a certain item, a gift card is saving them the trip back to the store to return whatever it is that you got them that they don't want.

In the day and age of being able to buy anything and everything on Amazon, it's enabled people to wait till Wednesday, December 21st (the offical last day they say people can place orders and still receive it by Christmas) to do all their "place order" clicks and magically have presents appear on their door step two days later.

What's the latest you've started to shop? Or have you even started like me?


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  • I owned a boutique for a number of years and based on my experience, men always shopped at the last minute. So you're good to go - it's actually good that you're thinking about it! And gift cards are nice, returning is a pain in the ass, this takes that hassle away. Happy holidays!

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