My Personal View On Unsupervised Dog Parks

Making it's way around the local online news outlets yesterday and today was a story about a poor little Maltese/Yorkie mix named Jasper that was attacked at a local dog park in Naperville by two bigger dogs, not something that any dog lover likes to read about, for either side of the incident.

Luckily Jasper is going to make a full recovery after having puncture wounds and a broken rib, but it's still going to cost his owner a heafty penny and surely he won't ever be the same mentally.

Most dog parks aren't dangerous or troublesome, but it's stories like this that show us "you never can know".

Recently after adopting our latest dog, a Bichon Frise (also a small guy), my wife and I looked into our local dog park and planned on purchasing a permit to take him to.

With our little guy, he's basically our child for the time being and it's stories like this that scare me to take him anywhere that isn't fully supervised (even with owners supposed to be watching their own pets).

My wife will always say that I'm too negative and always focusing on the "one bad story", not the hundreds of good stories and enjoyment experiences.

The only thing is that the "one bad story" could happen to any of us and especially with pets being unpredicable as it is, it's tough to be 100% sure that they won't be uncharacteristic when in a different environment and around various other strange animals.

Sure, after reading this, most people will say that I should live in a bubble if I'm always going to be worrying about the "what if's", but wouldn't there be some weight in being aware of the possibilities?

I just don't want to see our little guy get roughed up at a place that is supposed to be fun and exciting for them!


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