Black Friday or Cyber Monday, When Do You Spend More Dough???

Until recently the Friday and weekend after Thanksgiving was filled with lining up at your favorite retailer at unbelievably early hours to get that $10 CD player or $2 DVD, but thanks to the rise of online shopping, the game's completely been changed.

The real question these days is: Black Friday or Cyber Monday, what shopping day gets more of your money?

With huge online retail presences such as Amazon basically matching 99% of any in-store Black Friday deals at least on electronics, I tend to get more excited about Cyber Monday and the deals that online brings more than trudging to the store to battle people or potentially getting pepper sprayed (read this article if you missed the story).

I guess it's being called "couch commerce" according to this recent article from the Trib and no one is a bigger fan of my couch than me!

So what gets your attention in the start of the holiday massive shopping spree? Or do you care at all?


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  • Neither.

    However, the 20 something living in my building is sure filling up the recycling cart with boxes from stuff she ordered [presumably] with her smart phone, but won't wheel it to the curb. But that happens all year.

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