What Costs Between $4,070 and $101,070 To Maintain Over A Lifetime?

What Costs Between $4,070 and $101,070 To Maintain Over A Lifetime?
Yup, he's cute...but he sure is expensive!

If you said a car or child or even a house...you'd be wrong.

If you said a dog, surprisingly, you're right!

In reading a recent article, the author said that dogs can cost around $310-$7,100 a year and $4,070-$101,070 over a lifetime.

Not small change or anything  you'll find in your couch cushions anytime soon.

We all love our pets, but seeing a dollar value attached to our loved ones makes me feel a bit uneasy (as I'm sure any of us would).

A few years back my now 13 year old pup needed a $5K knee replacement and I was lucky enough to still be living at home and not have that many expensive to worry about...and thankfully she's (knock on wood) lived 2+ years beyond her surgery.

This all is brought back by the brand new pup that my wife and I recently adopted, as he has all the tell tale signs of potential knee/leg issues...he's not as old as my other dog, but it still doesn't mean he couldn't need the same surgery.

Times are much different now that we have a house, aging cars, and various other projects that need to go into our daily lifestyle.

It's not to say that I wouldn't pay for whatever the cute, little guy would need, but boy would it hurt in the pocketbook!

We all love our dogs, cats, horses, frogs, turtles, or whatever you may have roaming around your house...but at what point is too much?

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