The "In-Between" Stages of Halloween Enjoyment

The "In-Between" Stages of Halloween Enjoyment
This is why I don't dress up anymore...

When I was reveling in the excitement of hanging around my house all weekend and watching college/pro/semi-pro/whatever football, I realized that it was the normally coveted Halloween weekend.

The weekend where twenty-somethings a few years younger than me (or even my age) are pumped to dress up in random "Jersey Shore", superhero, or horror flick costumes and see what other twenty-somethings they can meet at the bar/local party to get obliterated with.

Sure, most of my readers will say I'm an old geezer and need to lighten up/get out a bit more, but my years in the radio spotlight (even though I was a nobody) made me more of a homebody than I already was.

At least my wife and I watched the Paranormal Activity trilogy over the past week (I also watched the last Transformers, which was about 90 mins too long), so we sort of celebrated.

Being that I'm not yet thirty and don't have kids, I was wondering if there was a name for the stage that I'm in...other than the normal "dude, your just lame" comment.

I'm too old to go out "trick or treating" (which is still by far my favorite part of the "holiday"), not having kids to take out "trick or treating" (which will be awesome when I sneak away a few pieces), nor do I enjoy in hitting the bar seems like I'm in that weird "in-between" zone when it comes to Halloween.

Are there any other "in-betweeners" like me out there?

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