Raise Your Hand If You're Buying an iPhone 4S...

Raise Your Hand If You're Buying an iPhone 4S...

Surprisingly I'm sure the number of hands are going to be the same as they always are whenever a new iPhone is released, even with the great amount of people (this one included) that isn't terribly impressed with the device.

iPhone 4S's pre-orders started earlier this morning and probably have slammed the Apple website enough times that make their IT people wish they'd taken the day off.

Being that I just got married, bought a house, and recently adopted a new pup, the ability to not have another $300 extracted from my wallet for this years release is a positive thing for me.

Just like everyone else, my computer will always be glued to the Engagdet/Gizmodo live streams of the Apple press conferences, waiting to see what new toy/gadget will need to be bought/saved for in the next few weeks.

In a week where the face of the company, Steve Jobs, passes away and Apple fanboys/nerds (myself included) alike mourn their hero's death, it would be tough for me to warrant picking up the 4S (which I coined "4-Sh*t").

How many of you out there will be breaking your contracts or spending your hard earned upgrades on this version?

I won't and at least this way I'll be able to save a vacation day on October 14th...


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