Paranormal Activity 3...This Guy Ain't A Fan

Paranormal Activity 3...This Guy Ain't A Fan

When you think of Halloween, normally the big horror movies from over the years come to mind: Halloween, Friday the 13th, Scream, Saw, and now Paranormal Activity takes it's place as the new king of yearly released flicks.

The first two weren't groundbreakers from a thematic standpoint...girl and guy are haunted by an entity and they catch all of the insanity on tape, not too far from the Blair Witch Project's of the world.

I actually welcomed the third one, even though it's higher budget and more mainstream feel frightened me in that it might ruin a "not so bad" series.

Well from at least my standpoint it did...even though $85 million dollars made over the weekend seems to say otherwise.

Watching the movie was like eating a hamburger that's been sitting out for a few has it's good high times and it's low times, but mostly low.

A few scenes were worthy of having the PA name on it, but even the last 15 minutes that were acclaimed by the trailers to "shock and awe" weren't all that great.

Not wanting to ruin the movie for those out there that are planning on checking it out this Halloween weekend, but from this enthusiast, I was highly disappointed.

Even being a huge fan of "Catfish", the director's breakout documentary before taking of PA3, I just could never get into the pacing and trying to shoehorn the backstory with this film.

Anyone that's seen "Paranormal Activity 3" so far, what are your thoughts?

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