Alligator's, Pythons, Foxes...Oh My (in Crystal Lake)

Alligator's, Pythons, Foxes...Oh My (in Crystal Lake)
Holy Big A** Alligator!

Sounds pretty intense and out of this world, right?

Well some guy in Crystal Lake was recently found to have all of these hanging around his house like it was "no big deal":

  • 10 & 5 foot alligators
  • 12 foot reticulated python
  • Five carpet pythons
  • Seven turtles
  • Parrots
  • White Fox

It's funny because the White Fox sticks out to me with all those other weird reptiles and birds in the same's not like foxes and alligators get along in any sense.

This guy even had all the necessary items for the animals to survive (a well built pool, heat lamps), which makes it into a mini neighborhood zoo.

I'm sure most of our significant others, no matter how much of an animal lover they are, would sh*t their pants if they came home to discover all these dangerous animals in their house.Us just recently adopting a dog was a pretty intense venture seeing as it's another thing that can go "doody" at a moment's notice.

Just makes me wonder what kinda things are roaming around the basements of our neighbor's?

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  • I have always wondered what when on in my neighbor's basements. Of course, at the same time I look at things I have and think "what would people think of me if they saw these without me being able to explain it".

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